70s Discography

The Tourists

The Tourists were a very popular British rock and pop music band. They were very active from 1970 To 1980. This band’s lead singer was Annie Lennox and guitarist Dave Stewart as they also got very popular on an international level. Click here to listen to The Tourists band full discography, Album and songs online.

The Tourists

The Tourists (album)

  1. Blind Among The Flowers
  2. Save Me
  3. Fools Paradise
  4. Can’t Stop Laughing
  5. Don’t Get Left Behind
  6. Another English Day
  7. Deadly Kiss
  8. Ain’t No Room
  9. The Loneliest Man in the World
  10. Useless Duration of Time
  11. He Who Laughs Last Laughs Longest
  12. Just Like You

Luminous Basement

Luminous Basement

  1. Walls and Foundations
  2. Don’t Say I Told You So
  3. Week Days
  4. So You Want To Go Away Now
  5. One Step Nearer The Edge
  6. Angels and Demons
  7. Talk to Me
  8. Round Round Blues
  9. Let’s Take a Walk
  10. Time Drags So Slow
  11. I’m Going To Change My Mind

Reality Effect


  1. It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way
  2. I Only Want to Be with You
  3. In the Morning (When the Madness has Faded)
  4. All Life’s Tragedies
  5. Everywhere You Look
  6. So Good to Be Back Home Again
  7. Nothing to Do
  8. Circular Fever
  9. In My Mind (There’s Sorrow)
  10. Something in the Air Tonight
  11. Summer’s Night

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