Miles Davis

Miles Davis is very famous trumpeter, bandleader and  musician. He is known for his beautiful music composition and music performances. Click here to find Miles Davis full album, songs and discography to listen online.

The New Sounds


  1. Conception
  2. Dig (spelled as Dig? on the album artwork)
  3. My Old Flame
  4. It’s Only a Paper Moon


Young Man with a Horn


  1. Dear Old Stockholm
  2. Woody ‘n’ You (spelled Would’n You on the original artwork)
  3. Yesterdays
  4. Chance It (a.k.a. Max Is Making Wax)
  5. Donna (a.k.a. Dig)
  6. How Deep Is the Ocean?

Blue Period


  1. Bluing
  2. Blue Room
  3. Out of the Blue




The Compositions of Al Cohn


  1. Tasty Pudding
  2. Floppy
  3. Willie the Wailer
  4. For Adults Only

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