Jaco Pastorius

Here you can check the Full Discography, Songs and Album of famous American Jazz artist.



  1. Vashkar
  2. Poconos
  3. Donkey
  4. Vampira
  5. Overtoned
  6. Jaco
  7. Batterie
  8. King Korn
  9. Blood

Jaco Pastorius


  1. Donna Lee (Charlie Parker or Miles Davis)
  2. Come On, Come Over (featuring Sam & Dave) (Jaco Pastorius, Bob Herzog)
  3. Continuum
  4. Kuru/Speak Like a Child (Pastorius, Herbie Hancock)
  5. Portrait of Tracy
  6. Opus Pocus
  7. Okonkolé Y Trompa (Pastorius, Don Alias)
  8. (Used to Be a) Cha-Cha
  9. Forgotten Love

Word of Mouth


  1. Crisis
  2. Three Views of a Secret
  3. Liberty City
  4. Chromatic Fantasy (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  5. Blackbird (Lennon–McCartney)
  6. Word of Mouth
  7. John and Mary



  1. Invitation (Bronisław Kaper)
  2. Amerika (Traditional)
  3. Soul Intro/The Chicken (Jaco Pastorius/Pee Wee Ellis)
  4. Continuum (Jaco Pastorius)
  5. Liberty City (Jaco Pastorius)
  6. Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington, IrvingMills, Mitchell Parish)
  7. Reza/Giant Steps/Reza (Reprise) (Jaco Pastorius/John Coltrane)
  8. Fannie Mae (Buster Brown, Clarence Lewis, Morgan Robinson)
  9. Eleven

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