50s 60s Discography


Last of the Runaways


  1. I’m a Believer
  2. Innocent Days
  3. I Can’t Get Close Enough
  4. I’ll See You in My Dreams
  5. No Way Out
  6. Shake Me Up
  7. It Takes Two
  8. Stranger to Me
  9. Hold Back the Night
  10. Love Welcome Home
  11. The Big Pitch

Time to Burn


  1. Thunder and Lightning
  2. Chained
  3. Lay It on the Line
  4. Stay
  5. Lost in Paradise
  6. Smoulder
  7. Time to Burn
  8. I’ll Be There
  9. Save Me Tonight
  10. Without You
  11. Now Until Forever
  12. Get Used to It

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